How Tech Support Scams Work


Tech Support Scams

In a recent twist, scam artists are using the phone to try to break into your computer. They call, claiming to be computer techs associated with well-known companies like Microsoft. They say that they’ve detected viruses or other malware on your computer to trick you into giving them remote access or paying


Hackers Have Learned how to Hack ATMs Via SMS

Antivirus companies have expressed concern about the end of support for Windows XP by Microsoft. Almost all ATMs in the world running this OS and, after the withdrawal of support will be highly vulnerable to hacker attacks. Experts Symantec, for example, have identified a new hack ATMs with a simple text message.

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Mobile payments are quickly gaining popularity


Consumers are more likely to commit money transactions using mobile devices – smartphones and tablet computers. This is evidenced by statistics promulgated by the Amsterdam Adyen.

It is reported that in December 2013 the share of mobile payments had 19.5% of all electronic money transfers. The popularity of this form of payment has risen


95 percent of all ATMs running Windows XP

According to a report in the Business Week still running 95 percent of the approximately three million ATMs worldwide with Windows XP. Updating the device is slow, although Microsoft has repeatedly a threatened end of support for Windows XP and has shifted again. In early April 2014, now finally “end of life” and that means


Skype gives monthly free calls worldwide


Skype distributes free subscriptions around the world for a month. Contents / Intl / en-us / prices / subscriptions / Unlimited World-

Here’s what you’ll get One month of free unlimited¹ calls, worth $13.99. Calls to mobiles in seven countries, including the USA, Canada and Hong Kong³. Unlimited calls to landlines in


AT&T comes up with a a new tablet subsidy model, offering $100 off LTE iPads, other brands with 2 year Data Plan

AT&T have made a fabulous announcement recently. It looks like a nice offer. AT&T offering $100 off any tablet purchased with a 2 year data plan. We can purchase it either online or in one of AT&T stores.

Apple iPads, iPhones, Nokia Lumia 920 etc are available in this plan… Smart deal for those who


Android Jellybean now scan apps for malware and virus


Yes it is true Android Jellybean now scan apps for malware, and warn of expensive SMS scams …

Recently Google confirmed that this functionality will be coming to the next version of Android. That is Version 4.2, also known as Jelly Bean.

In a recent interview Android’s VP of Engineering explained that in the next


Technical Support Numbers Of Computer Manufacturers


Acer 1-800-445-6495 Compaq 1-800-652-6672 Dell 1-800-624-9896 Extn: 66955 Dell CTS number 1-800-324-9896 Dell Customer Care 1-800-627-9897 Dell tech support 1-888-236-3355 Dell financial team 1-877-577-3355 Gateway 1-800-846-2301\408-273-0808 HP 1-800-474-6836 IBM 1-877-426-6006 Maxtor 1-800-262-9867 NEC 1-800-632-4525 Netscape 1-800-411-0707 Packard Bell 1-900-555-2728 Toshiba 1-800-457-7777 ASUS Motherboards 1-502-995-0883


Alan Isaac New chief of ICC(Sports Jun 29 2012)

Sharad Pawar’s reign as president of the ICC(International Cricket Council) ended as New Zealander Alan Isaac took charge from him for two year term at the ICC Annual Conference here.

The 60 yr old Isaac , a former New Zealand Cricket Chief ,became the eighth president of ICC.Isaac will be the last to hold the


HSBC selling its stakes to Axis Bank and Yes Bank(June 29 2012)

HSBC is selling its stakes in two non-core assets in India for $425 million as it continues to slim down its business and built reserves to cope with tougher regulations coming into force following the coming financial crisis.

The British bank said that it had sold 4.7%stakes in Indian Lenders Axis Bank and Yes Bank


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