The details of docking stations for smartphones, tablets and laptops in Windows 10


The official technical documentation from Microsoft continue to be discovered information about the new Windows 10. Among the new features dictated by the policy of creating a common platform for various devices, there is support for docking stations, which will be available in versions with both traditional wireline and wireless embodiments. They are designed


iPhone 6 reveal sufficient information, configuration before publication

According to Apple sent invitations to the media is tonight, September 9th company will officially introduce its new product range, which is rumored to have the iPhone 6, iPhone 6L, Air iPad 2, iPad Mini Retina 2, iPod and iWatch. Even before Apple’s event officially started, the configuration of the iPhone 6 has officially


Google promises $ 1 million to the inventor of a new compact inverter


Inverters or converters are devices which convert direct current into alternating current. Most often they are used to convert the direct current produced from green (solar and wind) energy sources to alternating current, which can be used ordinary household electronics directly from the outlet.

Create an inverter, a laptop would accelerate this process, so


Due to lack of interest Lenovo stops selling small tablets with Windows in the United States


Americans do not like tablets running Windows with screens less than 10 inches. This is the reason which Lenovo announced the discontinuation of sales of two compact devices overseas. It is about an 8-inch models ThinkPad 8 and Miix 2.

Thus, the largest computer manufacturer in the world has decided to change its strategy