Outlook PST Recovery Tool - a tool to recover Outlook data files

Outlook PST Recovery Tool

Outlook PST Recovery Tool File Personal Storage Table, otherwise known as PST, is a file in which Outlook stores all emails, folders, contacts, tasks, attachments, notes, and calendar data user.

This file is often referred to as a mailbox in Outlook. However, it holds much more than just mail. All user data is stored


Check if your Gmail Account is Hacked?


More than 5 million passwords of Google accounts have been hacked this week. Rusian hackers published more than 5

million passwords of Google accounts.

You can check if your account is hacked or not. Click on following website and provide your Gmail address there. https://isleaked.com/en If your email address is hacked you will get


Windows Live Messenger is finally suspended on October 31


Windows Live Messenger, instant messaging service from Microsoft, which is also known as MSN, preparing for the final closure around the world.

For many users around the world is not news that the work of the service was discontinued more than a year ago in many countries. Until now, only China was the last,


New Gmail for iOS appeared integration with Google Drive


Google has released an updated version of the Gmail application for iOS. It supports integration with cloud storage services Google Drive and it’s files.

The updated version of the Gmail app for iOS appeared controls to work with the service Drive. So, when you receive an email that contains file attachments that can be


Gmail client for iOS contains a vulnerability


The fact that Google is not deployed security technology properly that allows potential attackers to view and even modify processes secure communications with Google servers . These data are contained in the Bulletin of the American-Israeli Lacoon Mobile Security. Web sites use digital certificates to encrypt traffic through SSL / TLS-protocols. But sometimes these


Gmail app for Android has reached one billion downloads in Google Play Store

Gmail app for Android has reached 1 billion downloads of Google Play. It is first reached this number in the whole store.

We note that the counter recognizes the unique plants and not the total number of downloads that includes repeated ones. Of course this event can not surprise us, since we know that


Google launched Shelfie as Google's April Fool Joke - 2014

Google has launched a self-celebratory theme for the mail service Gmail . As explained by the developers, in Gmail custom themes with self-portraits are very popular, and now this function has become even better. With Shelfies (from the English Shareable Selfies – self-portraits for friends), you can set your own picture as a background Gmail


Google will allow to download all data from the mail and calendar

watermarked-Google will allow to download all data from the mail and calendar

Google has finally revealed the function that you recently requested users. Now all the information from your Gmail calendar and Google Calendar can be downloaded to your hard drive or directly import to another service.

Zip archive is saved as MBOX. Information downloaded entirely optional – you can choose exactly what you want to export.


How to Restore Yahoo Deleted contacts and Emails?


Is your yahoo email account hacked or do you lost your Yahoo email’s or contacts?

Don’t worry Yahoo! Mail/Messenger Restore Help Form Team will assist you to restore your emails and Contacts..



Got to the website : http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/contacts/ab_restore.html and click on the link “Restore Lost or Deleted Emails”



New search operators in gmail


I never ran into the limits of free email space in gmail, until it became a work e-mail to a personal account. I can not admit that you are not working and investment reached a 10GB limit and desperately fished old emails with large attachments and unnecessary from any advertising messages and announcements.

trickier users


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