How to get rid of browser redirects from android Phones

How to get rid of browser redirects from Android Phones

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Please find How to get rid of browser redirects from android Phones. Recently lots of Android Phones users come with this issue. When we are browsing or opening a browser in our Android Phones it will redirect to some other websites or we will get pop ups with Advertisements.

Recently one of my


What is Superfish Virus and how to get rid of it?


Last week, Lenovo was given a central place in the news tech media, but unfortunately, this time in enough trouble about it. The reason for this was the discovery of a serious threat to the security of a number of notebook manufacturer, released after the middle of last year. The reason is known as


New variant Android Simplocker ransomware spread through Android downloader apps


New variant Android Simplocker ransomware spread through Android downloader apps, 90% of Simplocker Android infections goes to Russia and Ukraine.

ESET virus laboratory experts found new version of Trojan extortion Simplocker, attacking mobile devices based on Android. According to cloud technology ESET LiveGrid, the most widespread trojan received in Russia and Ukraine.

Simplocker –


How to stop the Install Flash Player pop ups

Fake Flash Player Pop Up

If you ever come across a pop ups similar to this one, the reason behind that will be a fake program called ‘Severe Weather Alerts’. Please go ahead and remove the same to stop these kind of messages from popping up again. Fix for this issue:

Press on Windows Key and R key together on


Attackers are again using Skype to distribute malware

In order to infect computers with Skype-criminals send out messages using the accounts already infected users.

Attackers in October-November 2013 re-used Skype to spread malicious software – this time the “banking” Trojan family BackDoor.Caphaw, writes . According to the “Doctor Web”, the peak of such malicious mailings experts have recorded in the first half


Websites of AVG, Avira and Whatsapp hacked and defaced with pro-Palestinian message


Palestinian hacker group KDSM Team did deface the main site of AVG Technologies – and Avira Operations – The website of AVG has already been restored. But some users still do not have access to or seen hacked resource page. Later it became known that hacking also been the main site and the


Maximum file size limit of VirusTotal is now 64 MB

Maximum file size limit of VirusTotal is now 64 MB

VirusTotal is an awesome online malware/virus scanner that allows users to scan files and programs for viruses or malware using over 40 different anti-virus/anti-malware engines.

Maximum file size limit of VirusTotal is now 64 MB

Maximum file size limit for VirusTotal was 20 MB. Once we will not be able to scan files more


The new skype-Trojan turns the computer into a slave


The blog of Dmitry Bestuzhev expert “Kaspersky Lab”, a few days ago, a message about the massive distribution companies in skype new Trojan. Users sent messages offering to pass on some link types:

On April 4, the intensity of the transition on it was almost 3 clicks per second, and the total number of


Remove FBI Moneypak Virus in 20 minutes!!!

A type of threat, known as ransomware, displays alerts saying that you need to send money to unlock your computer. A ransomware restricts access to the computer and demands a ransom to be paid to the creator of the threat to use the computer. The threat instructs the user to send money by Moneypak or


How to Remove FBI Anti-Piracy Warning MoneyPak Ransomware

The FBI Anti-Piracy Warning MoneyPak Ransomware is a Spyware that lock your computer until you send some ransom to unlock your computer. You need to send the ransom in the form of a GreenDot MoneyPak payment. If your computer in infected with a FBI Anti-Piracy Warning MoneyPak Ransomware you will get a screen as shown


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