After Dual SIM, now arrives Triple SIM phone... :)

After Dual SIM now arrives Triple SIM phone

Triple SIM” ……Three SIMs in a single phone. Sounds little weird ….Right Naa??? Don’t be surprised dear friends, where technology is expected , everything is unexpected!!! 😉

Few years back, when dual SIM came to the market, it created a sensation in the mobile phone market. Dual SIM phones have always been considered low end devices that serve the purpose of offering connectivity to two cellular operators in one device. Not only this, we can also find a lot of Android services with dual SIM features. Low-end phones offer basic features and functionality and they are also best suited for small budget. For this NOKIA, has also launced as many as seven phones including the Asha series in the dual SIM category.

Now LG, one of the world’s best manufacturers of electronics , is all set to launch the LGA290 which would be a Tripple SIM phone in Russia. It seems like two SIM cards were not enough to strike a balance between the opposite sides of life, so LG is offering a place for the third SIM!!! 🙂

According to a Russian website hi-tech mail, this LG phone would be made available in Russia late this month. This website though didn’t reveal many specifications about its triple  SIM operations but it did revealed some details about technical aspects of the device. It is going to maintain a subtle profile as compared to the new age handsets.

  • The dimensions would be 113.5*51*12.95mm, while the screen size would be 2.2 inches.
  • The resolution of the visuals will be displayed in 176*220p.
  • The front side will also accomodate a numeric keypad with a central navigation key.
  •  It will house a 1500mAh battery , which ofcourse will keep it running for fairly long hours.
  • It is also engineered to have an integrated flashlight and a 1.3MP rear facing camera.

This gadget with all these features does not seem to focus on delivering multimedia access or fast web browsing. It would not be offering the frills which are seen in most present day smartphones.

So, it going to be interesting to have an eye on this triple SIM mobile phone by LG. Let’s see how it attracts the customers towards itself and how the customers react to  this phone, once it is out in the market!!!

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