After it's public offering Facebook's performance level rises!!!

After its public offering Facebook performance level rises

We all know that Facebook was going to file its IPO papers to the US regulators. Let’s have a discussion on the topic which is the the news for all internet analysts. Let’s talk about Facebook…

Again Facebook has become so popular in India that now Indian’s are ranked second on using Facebook where as US is safely at the number one position. Quite funny naa… India which is  still facing  the issues of food, economy and  poverty are ranked second in the list of active users of Facebook!!!Instead of discussing these issues let’s stick to our topic…

Now coming to Facebook…let’s just think that if a social networking site , becomes so popular in such a short span of time , then it shows that how people are being attracted to use this social networking site . How the number of active users has grown and still counting… It is well evident that how fast has been its growth rate.

Facebook which actually started as a dorm-room projectby a Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg, is now one of the world’s most highly valued Internet companies. Now, it sells its shares to the public for an expected valuation of $100 billion. As , we all know that on Wednesday, Facebook filed its IPO with the US regulators and after this it revealed a profitable and fast growing site built upon advertising revenue and online transaction . By this, we can say that Facebook is heading towards the largest Intial Public Offerings in the US history. Inspite of all these , analysts say Facebook needs to get its existing users to spend more time on the site and since, its revenue’s main source is from advertising, so the advertisers must also spend more money. Though, Facebook, knows that it needs to diversify revenue streams. It has also its successful gaming business that nets it’s 30% of the revenue from the sales of virtual goods in games like Farmville. But , Facebook wants to encourage its users to stay for media content , thus imposing a competition to the Google Inc and Apple Inc.

It’s already in news that Facebook also sights China where the social media site titan has been blocked, but analysts say its chances of re-entering the market of half a billion Internet users are slim. Beijing blocked Facebook along with microblogging site Twitter, though many users access the site via virtual proxy networks. Prior to the ban, web users in China enjoyed uncensored  access to Facebook. thus it is currently targeting China.

In addition to all these features , Facebook has also taken measures like introducing Facebook’s Timeline and by rolling out a steady stream of new features and capabilities , from video chats to mobile apps. Thus, these strategies are taken so as to ensure the users keep coming back!!! 🙂

Now the number of active users of Facebook has increased from 800 million to 845 million and still counting…

Thus, it would be interesting to see how all this affects the investors… as Facebook is now under the public microscope , and people have lot of expectations from it. Can it live up to its user’s expectation and judged rightly ???

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