After Twitter, Google now turns towards Cencorship...

After Twitter Google now turns towards Cencorship

Few days back, I posted about Twitter’s Cencorship on this blog. Twitter, which had cencorship issues on world wide basis , is now focussing on cencorship which would be based on country to country basis.

After Twitter ,now,  it’s Google who is going to start  country specification for the blogs. When Twitter announced its cencorship it led to a wave of criticism across the internet , with many human right defenders denouncing the cencorship. According to them it was like a devil’s bargain with repressive governments.

Now, Google could figure out that Twitter announced its cencorship to avoid universally cencored content. Google says that redirecting the users to their local domain would help promote the freedom of expression. This will ultimately allow the flexibility to abide by the local laws. Let me explain you in a simpler version what Google is going to do for its blogs in the upcoming weeks : “If we are reading a blog , then we can notice that the URL(Uniform Resource Locater) of the blog in the address bar, now this URL will be redirected to a country-code top level domain( in short we can say “ccTLD” ) . For example, if we are in India and we are now viewing [blogname], then we will notice that we will be redirected to [blogname]”. I know, now there would be a question in your minds that what is this country-code top level domain? Well, it is something which which when appears corresponds with the country of the reader’s current location. This explains that Google is now using the method to limit the impact of cencored content. Readers will be redirected to sites with their own country’s domain name when they try to visit blogs recognized as foreign which would be determined by their respective IP addresses.

Let’s see after Twitter and Google who else are on the row to implement Cencorship on country specific basis…

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