Android 4.0 to improve security features of Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets

Android 4 0 to improve security features of Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets

Lenovo, one of the trusted brands in laptops, tablets, notebooks, thinkpads will now improve its security features in its ThinkPad Tablets by using Android 4.0. Yes, friends , the Android 4.0 which is also known as the Ice Cream Sandwich(code-named). As we know that it delivers refined, unified UserInterface for phones and tablets.

Now, the ThinkPad tablet from Lenovo, which is labelled by the company as a business and enterprise tablet was earlier just as a Android based tablet. But, now , Lenovo is going to upgrade it to Android 4.0 Operating System because of its more security features. It would take place in the second quarter of this year. The upgrades to Android 4.0 would be delivered over the air to its ThinkPad and IdeaPad tablets. As, we know that Android 4.0 provides User Interface , connectivity, application and multimedia improvements, the upgrades will take effect in these areas. The Android 4.0 OS which is designed for both smartphones and tablets helps improve encryption layers for data and also e-mail security. This could really appeal the enterprise users. And for the administrators it would provide stronger remote control over tablets.

As, the ThinkPad Tablet does not have NFC(near-field communication) features yet, so the upgrade to Android 4.0 may not enable some hardware-specific features such as Android Beam(which uses NFC technology)  to share web content , maps and directions between tablets just by tapping.

The upgrades are a result of tough competition from Cisco,who also sells the enterprise focussed Cius tablet which is also based on Android. The competition is what made Lenovo, to think about the upgradation. Well , it will be a matter of fact to witness how Lenovo delivers upgrades over the air without any installation problems!!!

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