Android can now change passwords remotely

Here is a Good news for Android users. Android can now change passwords remotely. This updates are available to all Android users through Android Device Manager. Not too long ago, Google introduced Android Device Manager, a service that allows Android device owners to remotely track and secure their devices. Android Device Manager on smartphones or tablets can track the device from a distance and all data will be deleted when necessary.

Now google extend this to a less invasive option. Using the web interface of the Android Device Manager , the device can be locked using the existing passwords or we can change the password.  Google added in the ability to change your device’s pin/password or even set a new password from a computer remotely. Even if a password is not set on your device, you can set one if you think your device is in trouble.  If you are not using this Service we recommend to Activate this Service. This is the best way to protect your phone and it’s data.

Android can now change passwords remotely

To use this Service you have to goto Android Device Manager and elect the Phone or Tablet you want to lock and Select the “Lock” Command.  Google will ask for your password or PIN number.  Seconds later, regardless of where your phone is, it’ll be locked down with that new code. No matter you had a PIN, pattern, or password on it before or not.

This is made possible by a recent update of Google Play Services, which was delivered in recent weeks to all devices with at least Android 2.2.


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