Android ,iPads or iPhones!!! Which 1 to go for???

Android iPads or iPhones Which 1 to go for

Well friends, with each and every day passing we experience some new Android tablets, iPads, iPhones. Now, what to switch to when we have a vast range of options and that too within our budget. Isn’t it a tough decision to make? How to decide between Android ,iPads or iPhones and that too within our budget!!! quite lot confusing.

Now we the customers who are very concerned about budgets, quality and performance, we have to decide whether to go for a low-cost Android option or a higher priced iPad or should we get an iPhone as our first smartphone .

Day-by Day, newer and better Android phones are whooping big . That’s the trend these days.The leading brands are Samsung, HTC and Motorola. these three companies are giving a tough competition to each other.As, a new iphone , which is accompanied by a major software release, comes out more or less in a year. They all offer front and back cameras,Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. Each can serve as a portable Wi-Fi hot spotfor laptops for an added monthly fee.They also come with pre-installed latest softwares . Day by day the competition is creeping. In case of Android tablets , today majority of them are running on older versions of Android software that is Honeycomb which is notoriously buggy.Developer also haven’t spent much time creating apps for it. So this is a a big issue. If no apps then why even go for Android tablets??? Though Android 4.0 known as Ice Cream Sandwich is just starting to trickle out for the tablets still a lot has to be done. On the other note it would be better to go for an iPad as we will get better access to more textbooks and apps. The device is also a better investment since it offers a lot more than Android tablets.

On the safe side, it would be better to analyze all the aspects of Android tablets, iPads and iPhones and then go for any one!!! 🙂

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