Android Jellybean now scan apps for malware and virus

Yes it is true Android Jellybean now scan apps for malware, and warn of expensive SMS scams …

Recently Google confirmed that this functionality will be coming to the next version of Android. That is Version 4.2, also known as Jelly Bean.

In a recent interview  Android’s VP of Engineering explained that in the next version of the operating system, it will be possible to scan any apps that are installed from third-party marketplaces. Android 4.2 marks the launch of a powerful new security system built right into the platform. The key component is a real-time app scanning service that instantly checks apps put on your device for any malicious or potentially harmful code.

If we install a App from the app stores other than the official Google Play store Android will ask us to Verify the App.  
Actually  what happens when you tell Google that you want it to check the apps. So that you ca install it on your Android phone?
Well, by the sound of things, your Android smartphone will send identifying information about the app (the equivalent of a signature) up to Google’s servers. There Google will check to see if it a known legitimate app that has already been white listed, or determine if it is a known sample of Android malware (and prevent you from installing it).

If google have no idea about the App you are going to install then it will be the user’s decision whether to proceed with the installation.

It’s a good thing that Google has definitely woken up to the threat of malware on Android devices. Their own attempts to keep malware out of the official Android app store (named “Google Play”) was a good success). It is very  clear that cybercriminals have frequently used third party marketplaces to distribute Android malware – including fake versions of Instagram, and Angry Birds.

One another main advantage of Android 4.2  is it will  alert users whenever an app attempts to send an SMS  text message that could cost you money.



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