Will Android be able to control the tablet market

Will Android be able to control the tablet market

Now -a- days its the era of iphones and tablets. Each and every day we are witnessing some new technologies being launced in the market. The most significant growth being seen in the case of Android iPhones and tablets. Everyday we log on to internet or switch on Tv it’s obvious that we are going to find some breathtaking and awesome technologies being launced.

When we are talking about iphones and tablets the first thing that pops in our mind is Apple iPhones and tablets. Two generations in and Apple still has a strong lead in the market having an exponential growth.

But if we consider the statictics and the data Apple which at one point acquired 97% of the global market share is now down to 57.6% market share. According to the Q4, 2011, Apple sold 15.4 million iPads while a handful manufacturers including Asus, Motorola, Sony, HTC, Samsung  sold 10.5 million Android based tablets. and then Microsoft was at the thrid position with only 1.5 % share. So we can somewhat consider that “Android on its way controlling the tablet market”. The Android models are being transported in large numbers over various countries and as a result the users are finding its effortlessly, seamlessly and automatic features to be really awesome and to this the popularity is growing day by day.

Also if we see from Apple’s point of view it has launced iOS5 and iCloud to prove its competitors that it is not easy to compete .

According to one analyst “Android is so far proving relatively popular with tablet manufacturers despite nagging concerns about fragmentation of Android’s Operating System,user Interfaces and app store ecosystem.

So it will really be interesting to see that whether Android Tablets would really be able to overcome its lacunas and give a tight competition to the Tablet market and have a control over the global tablet market……


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