Android Tablets going to have Google Chrome as their browser!!!

Android Tablets going to have Google Chrome as their browser

Recently, its been in news that Google is trying to launch a Google Chrome version for Android tablets. We know, Google Chrome which is the rival of Microsoft Internet Explorer and always faces tough competition for its rivals, is also very popular among the internet users. Infact, most of us prefer using Chrome , instead of other browsers like Mozilla, IE, or Netscape. Many times , we must have experienced that our firefox crashes. But chances in case of Chrome have been witnessed less.

Well, many of us must be using Android tablets. Google is planning to replace the built-in Android browser. A new version of Chrome has been released for Android beta. It is said that this new version of Chrome is a full port of the Chrome browser for the desktop operating systems.

As we use the Google chrome in our desktop , laptops , this version of Chrome which is for the Android Tabs is also capable of rendering rich website content with very few compromises . It is claimed that this browser in Android tabs would also be extremely fast. Chrome for Android is currently limited to certain devices only. That is the devices which can run the Ice Cream Sandwich  (4.0.x) version of the mobile OS will be able to use Chrome as their default browser. Now, Considering this feature , it seems that handsets such as the Galaxy Nexus will be able to upgrade to this new software. Android tablets such as the Motorola XOOM and the Asus Transformer Prime have been recently upgraded to the new version of Chrome.

So, friends , now internet browsing in Android Tablets is going to be extremely fast as the new version of Chrome is here to serve its customers!!! 🙂

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