Angry Birds Rio became free and refreshed with new levels

Rovio continues to please his fans before Christmas. Following the update for Angry Birds Star Wars , the studio is not only released new levels for Angry Birds Rio, but also made ​​it absolutely free.

Third game of the universe Angry Birds was released by the eponymous cartoon Rio back in 2011. Count how many updates since the game came to be able to only the most avid fans. And now – the next. In Angry Birds Rio added level Rocket Rumble, in which you will go through 20 exciting maps and more open 6.

In addition to new levels the player will “populyat” hated in animals (and Rocket Rumble will have to fight monkeys) new bird. Stella – pink bird, have already appeared in other games, Rovio, Angry Birds Rio in the figures for the first time, but immediately brings the atmosphere of this festival! Bubbles, fireworks, a variety of interactive elements – all this awaits the player in the new episode.

Bonus levels will take even more fun, because you have to manage them is not the usual yellow bird (Chuck). Feathered will fly on a rocket and try with your help to collect all the bonuses, simultaneously knocking monkeys.

Update Rocket Rumble characterized many unique dynamic objects not previously used in any part of Angry Birds.

As many probably for himself noted – in an episode of 26 levels, which is 10 less than the usual updates. Since the game is a kind of preview for the animated film Rio 2, there is every chance that the episode will be extended by adding the missing back to normal levels.

Angry Birds Rio as last year, becomes absolutely free. Hopefully, Rovio will remain loyal to its tradition and every time before Christmas will delight us with the distribution of their great games.

Download free Angry Birds Rio for iPhone and iPod Touch 
Free Download Angry Birds Rio for iPad


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