Apple will begin to repair the iPhone 5c displays in their stores

From several sources reported that Apple will begin the repair and replacement of broken iPhone 5c displays in their retail stores as early as next week. At the moment, they plans to start a service on the replacement on Monday, January 20th.

As reported in November last year, this initiative has been in the works for several months, since Apple had to resolve the issue with the supplier of individual screens to replace and equip all their stores with special calibration machines.

Replacement program display iPhone 5c in place, the store is perhaps the most convenient offer from Apple repair screen iPhone. If the user has a broken display, the store can fix the screen (usually within an hour) and it does not need to replace the entire phone. This means that the user does not have to reinstall all your applications and data. Previously, if the iPhone was broken screen, needed to replace the entire phone.

According to the source –, on broken displays are not covered by warranty, and replacement will probably cost $ 149. But this is less than the cost of a completely new device. Apple started replacing screens iPhone 5c in a small number of stores in the United States over the past few months, but the deployment of January 20 will be a full-scale launch in all regional Apple retail stores from Hong Kong to Canada.

As previously reported, will soon be possible to screen repair shop and iPhone 5s . However, a program that runs next week, it has not yet touched. But Apple offers replacement of other parts for both devices.


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