Apple’s New Operating System : Mountain Lion

Apple as we all know, the most trusted brand when it comes to smartphones. This smartphone manufacturer has been ruling the smartphone mobile market since last two decades . On the same note I would also like to mention that though it is very popular in the smartphone market , it had quite a tough luck in the field of  PC making. It may be the world’s biggest smartphone maker but, it’s share of the PC market is still small.

Thus, this time, Apple has tried to bring the two together i.e. smartphones and the PCs . By tying the two together it could help selling of computers more. So, it had already taken its baby steps towards this venture by introducing the Mountain Lion which is Apple’s new Operating System for it’s Mac Computers. The main idea behind this initiative is to give a clear message to the customers that if you are going to buy one Apple product, you might as well keep buying more!!! 🙂

With Mountain Lion it intoduces several new features that move it closer to the iOS, the software used in iPhones and iPads. It also includes some apps and features that were previously exclusive to Apple’s mobile devices like the messages, notes, reminders and the notification centre. Besides these, the main focus is on iCloud , Apple’s online service for storing and synchronizing data between mobile devices and Macs. Now ,lets enumerate some of its features :

1)When users first start up Mountain Lion, they are asked to enter their iCloud credentials. This way, content like notes, messages and event reminders can be easily shared between multiple Apple devices. For example, if a user jots something down in the Notes app on an iPhone or iPad, that same note will appear in the Notes app in Mountain Lion on a Mac.
2)With the Mountain Lion update, Apple is calling the overall operating system OS X, instead of Mac OS X. This move and the continuing convergence between Macs and iOS devices raises questions about whether one day, the two products will run the same operating system.

3)In other words, the similarities and new features mean that if you own an iPhone, it makes more sense to buy a Mac as opposed to a Windows PC. Or if you own a Mac, you might as well get an iPhone or iPad, as opposed to an Android device.

4)Apple released the early version of Mountain Lion on Thursday for software makers to get a head start on making apps for the operating system. The official Mountain Lion upgrade is due for release this summer, one year after the release of Mac OS X Lion, Apple’s current Mac operating system.
5)The annual release schedule for OS X upgrades shows that Apple is still aggressively pushing its Mac products, even though the iPad and iPhone now account for 72 percent of the company’s total revenue. But many features in Mountain Lion are already in iOS, so it appears that the Mac is still in the back seat, and iOS is steering the future of the company.

With all the above features I would rather like to mention that Apple is really following the right marketing and business strategies to promote the share in the PC market which is quite low at present!!! Now having  a head start with this new technology , let’s see whether after the launch of Mountain Lion whether it’s PC marketing  shares are going to increase by attracting the customers!!! Lets have a follow-on in this Topic!!! 🙂

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