Are Smart Phones and Gadgets a threat to the kids......???

Are Smart Phones and Gadgets a threat to the kids

Today , to do even our small daily things we need some kind of gadgets(ofcourse , it doesn’t matter how advanced it is…gadgets are gadgets  🙂 ). Day-by-day with the increased advancement of technology, there are also threats being exposed to the kids… threats here I mean obscene content through internet. As a coin has two sides, in the same  way , technology has also its good and bad effects. 🙁 When we talk about the good points there are numerous points to be listed…or in other words we can say Technology has brought us upto those heights which was a dream to all of us few years ago.

Yes, Technology!!! It has given us lot of gadgets and technological skills by which we are able to achieve new heights. This technology gave us iPhones, tablets , notebooks and what not….and how can we forget recently to be launced Ultrabooks. Now let’s just take a minute and think what effect this has on the kids.

A new study has revealed that children aged 8 to 15  are increasingly using their mobile phones, smart phones, iPhones and other gadgets to surf violent and obscene content on websites. Now ,in the modern day , most of the parents gift their children with the latest gadgets. Ofcourse, the thought behind giving their children such new gadgets is to let their children have a step ahead in this era of technology. They also want that their child is not left behind. But, due to the ignorance of parents , primarily due to lack of technological skills, is one of the main reasons why children are being exposed to such obscene content.

Obscenity may be defined as something very repulsive or disgusting to senses. Though, Cencorship is often used to try to supress or control materials that are obscene under these definitions usually including,but the most shocking thing is that it is not limited to pornographic materials.

Most of  the parents who do not have technological skills deters parents to keep track of the dangers posed by the new gadgets. The poll of just over 1000 children aged 8 to 15 , conducted by YouGov for Carphone Warehouse, reveals that almost half of them owned a smartphone like iPhones. The study also divulged that almost nine out of 10 children , who were surveyed , had no security settings on their telephones, and 46% of parents were oblivious to the fact that they were even essential.

Now friends…here is a point to think, that Is the ignorance of parents , the reason to this!!!

According to Professor Tanya Byron, a leading child Physochologist who has been advising the government on child Internet safety, since 2007,  and the finding were “no surprise” in this era of emergent Internet technology. 1.2 million out of a total of 6 million in the age group of 8 to 15 have used , smartphones to view or access illicit content . Parents who are not “digital natives” and who were just born in the age when the height of technology was just a walkman of some branded company, have struggled to keep up with what their children are doing.

Moreover, the children are finding this obscene stuffs to be more amusing and entertaining. If we take a poll of how many of the teenagers would be liking to surf internet websites which give important and valuable information…..and I am very sure the number will be very less!!! So , who is to be blamed ??? It’s just an unanswered question…..

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