Blackberry to launch a new OS!!!

Blackberry to launch a new OS

We are witnessing a lot of competition between the smartphone manufacturers. Well, the leading brands are the Samsung and the Nokia. They are giving tough competition to brands like Apple and Blackberry. Samsung is widely acclaimed now and gaining poplularity day by day.In fact in a bid that took place in German Court , the bid went in favor of Samsung defying Apple’s Charges against Samsung. Where there is competition we have to come out with our best potentials and defeat our rivals by showing them that we are the best. I guess you all will agree with me. 🙂

So, facing this competition , Blackberry is also going to launch a new OS in the second half of this year. It is reported that Blackberry is going to have aggresive plan for India by increasing its footprints to 160 cities. If we say it in other words,it would be strengthening its existing presence . At present , Blackberry has a presence in 80 cities in India and there is also heavy demand for it.Among all these it is going to launch new devices and latest Operation System 10.

Now, the new OS it is going to launch is known as the OS 10 version from Blackberry and it would be available to the customers in the second half of this year as an answer to the other OS’ like Windows Phone, Android iOS and Samsung’s Bada.

We all know that the Blackberry devices continue to be popular and the most popular among them is the Blackberry Messenger Service. So, at this period of competition it is trying to bring out the new OS with the relevant apps.The main objective of this company is innovation, building brand association, effective go to market channels and above all customer satisfaction and the main focus being the innovation with which it comes up.

So, lets see whether Blackberry is able to keep its promise to the customers!!!

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