Bridge Constructor an interesting puzzles for smartphones on Windows Phone 8

Bridge Constructor is one of the most fascinating and interesting puzzles for smartphones on Windows Phone 8. The player will become an architect and master the basic skills in the construction of various types of bridges. In the game we entrust certain amount of building materials and cash that we have to spend in the construction of the bridge, and the need not to go beyond the budget. In this test the bridges would be pretty realistic, running at him cars and trucks.


The development of this game worked pretty well-known studio ClockStone, which was originally released PC games, but now the developers decided to thoroughly engage the release of games for mobile platforms.


Thus, with regard to the appearance of the game, it is more closely resembles the construction of the simulator. In the right part of the display we are the materials used for the construction of bridges, left – button to save the bridge built or loading a save. The entire game consists of 5 locations, each of which contains 8 levels.


Three-dimensional graphics in the game, it is pleasant, and it is worth to say a huge thanks to the developers, as most of these simulators have largely mediocre schedule. Also, the game can please their qualitative physics, which is as close to reality whereby bridges look very believable.

Control is very simple and is carried out by simple “tapami” and “swipe”. In other words, in order to build a bridge we need: click on the item and drag it to the desired location. The playing field can be metered, so it is more convenient to build a bridge structures.

The main purpose of the game is to build a sustainable bridge for certain budget allocated funds. It is worth noting that the remaining funds after the bridge will bring the player additional bonuses. This means that each of the levels has a few passing options, it all depends on your imagination and building skills.

Features Bridge Constructor:

  • Excellent three-dimensional graphics;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Simple and convenient operation;
  • Loading and saving the result of previous buildings;
  • Enormous amount of construction materials and several kinds of bridges;
  • Russian localization;
  • Interesting location (only 5 pieces) with 40 levels.

Bridge Constructor – this is an interesting and less complicated puzzle for Windows Phone, which will be interesting to all fans of the genre. free version of the game offers 8 levels (1 location), with the remaining levels will have to pay 1.99$.


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