Xbox One got it's March update dashboards

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New generation game console from Microsoft, known as Xbox One, today received its first major update of the software. The update will be automatically downloaded, if your console is in sleep mode. Note that the spread of updates depends on the region, it will spread completely within two days.

Microsoft last years happy that listens to criticism and general comments to the users trying to fix problems and make improvements to their products. Updates steel based on an analysis of user response. Xbox One is not an exception but rather the rule. This game console was just beginning to develop.


So, the March update dashboards impressive in its scale. So let’s look at what is inside the update, which is in a hurry on your console.

Improve multiplayer and chat

  • cross-game chat group;
  • group chat by default;
  • more simple invitation;
  • easier to connect to multpleeru;
  • the ability to see user activity group.

Improving your friends list and quick access

  • selection of people with whom you’ve recently played;
  • tracking when friends are streaming with the possibility of thumbs;
  • quick access to the user profile;
  • context menu for a list of friends;
  • new opportunities and invitations to join in multiplayer in the profile;
  • 54 new images of players as prizes in competitions;

Twitch TV streaming support

  • Twitch TV streaming in through Xbox Live (after updating Twitch next week);
  • voice commands to start and stop streaming.

Social tab on the home page

  • track activity selected friends on the main page;
  • track streaming from your friends;
  • various improvements.

Browser Enhancements

  • Card Management Bing and Google using gestures and controller;
  • quick search in the allocation of words on a page;
  • when you use the Bing search in the console, the direct links are opened in Internet Explorer to view the advanced search results.

Update device drivers and firmware

  • firmware update geymapada Xbox One of the adapter for stereo headsets;
  • support both branded headsets and devices from other companies;
  • update drivers for Xbox One Media Remote.

Improvements SmartGlass

  • push-message notifications to Xbox Live;
  • the ability to quickly learn what each is busy;
  • improvements to view your progress and companionship and recorded clips;

Live TV

  • fixes for 50Hz-mode applications Live TV;
  • advanced settings for voice volume;
  • Support infrared remote control for power and volume in all regions.

Improve audio

  • SPDIF now supports 5.1 Dolby Digital device;
  • HDMI is now working without compression mode stereo 7.1 and 5.1.

Say that it is an update for Xbox One cool – do not say anything about this update. We hope that this is only the beginning, and in the future, Microsoft will release updates regularly and on a grand scale. Recall that Twitch fully come to Xbox One March 11, when this prefix will something interesting – Titanfall. By the way, this game will be released on March 11 and PC, March 25 – Xbox 360.


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