Corporate security system was vulnerable Samsung KNOX


In today’s business world smartphone – is the same working tool, like a computer or fax machine. Mobile device manufacturers are making huge efforts to win a corporate client. Many large companies and not very smart staff provided service running on a single network running specially designed applications. BlackBerry notorious company recently considered a leader in the market of business smartphones. Due to its closed operating system and high-tech software for BlackBerry smartphones remained for a long time the standard corporate communication in the West. But with the advent of inexpensive Android , business community increasingly began to look at her. But openness and vulnerability respectively Android operating system could not give full confidence in the safety of users of Android-devices business. After all, the main task of the “business” smartphone – is the transfer and processing of information for official use.
Samsung is one of the first who hastened to calm and reassure their clients in complete safety work precisely with its production units. According to them, they have developed a security system for mobile devices based on Android, Samsung KNOX, was to ensure a high level of protection – both at the hardware level and at the application level. Now any employee installing on your personal smartphone from Samsung security package KNOX, can use various enterprise applications in a secure environment, including e-mail, browser, contacts, calendars , file sharing, collaboration, CRM and business intelligence. In other words, employees are able to work on their own smartphones and tablets, without resorting to service devices.

All would be well, while experts on cybersecurity at the Israeli Ben-Gurion University decided not to test the vaunted decision Samsung. The test was conducted on the Galaxy S4, which has no established “out of the box» Samsung KNOX. According to test results proved that the security system has KNOX vulnerability that makes it easy to install malware to track e-mail and other data through enterprise applications. According to the Wall Street Journal, in addition to surveillance commonplace, the “hole” in security software provide the ability to easily change the data.

Naturally, Samsung does not agree with this assessment of the product, because the conclusions of experts can put an end to the use of devices with Samsung KNOX installed in a corporate environment and government bodies, to which the company hoped so, but deny the existence of the vulnerability, the company did not. In my defense, the Korean developers have stated that the test Galaxy S4 was not installed additional software, which is usually set each customer together with KNOX, implying that just a couple designed their system actually is not a complete security solution.


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