Cyber Crime at the peak in this Valentines week!!!

Cyber Crime at the peak in this Valentines week

Friends, this is the Valentines week and for those who have a Valentine , they would do anything for their special valentine!!!  😉 Isn’t it!!! We beleive that people find different ways to express their deepest feelings and love in the Valentines Eve. For this they adopt innovative ways. But apart from the couples and lovers, this Valentines Week brings a golden opportunity for the cyber crimes to take place.

During Valentines Eve we do a lots of online shopping and here only the cyber crimes take place. As during this time famous brands come with many discounts which we can avail through the online shopping websites. Besides , some social networking sites also conduct contests and introduce other attracting offers for Valentines Day. So here, the internet experts have warned people to be aware of spam and cyber crime attacks. The experts advise to be aware when we click on a website and also we should know what sites we are visiting and whether they are authentic websites or not.

This Valentines week is the time for the spammers who use prominent events ,brands or enticing contests to create malicious schemes. The threat is more prominent for the browsers like Chrome and Firefox as they are extension-compatible browsers.

As per a recent discovery made by an expert team , users are asked to post a Valentine theme into their facebook account profile where they are directed to another website. that website asks them to download a theme which is from a fake website. Thus by installing that theme cyber attackers can now access the user’s personal information and data from their personal PCs. Now the person who downloads the theme , the fake website comes as a post on their Facebook profile, thus inviting other users to click on that.

Thus, in this way, cyber criminals are commiting the cyber crimes and having access to various accounts of the users. They are mainly targeting the users through their facebook account and if the users are using Chrome or Mozilla to open their facebook accounts then they are more vulrenable. They are targeting facebook as it is one Social networking site which is gaining popularity day by day by attracting more and more active users. Thus, it makes it more vulrenable to cyber crimes and cyber attacks.

So, friends don’t open any spam mail or spam post this Valentine. Just beware of spams this Valentine Week. And one more thing Enjoy your Valentine week!!! 🙂

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