Did Tablets really storm the Indian Markets???

Did Tablets really storm the Indian Markets

As day-by day we are experiencing new tablet PCs by various brands, one question arises in my mind that whether in true sense the Tablet PCs have dominated the Indian Markets??? How successful they are in our Local markets???

Well then, let’s analyze it…

Tablet PCs , or the Tablet Computers or simply we call them as Tabs, are a kind of mobile computers having a touch screen or pen enabled interface which basically runs on adapted version of a desktop operating syatems. These tablets may be categorised into Internet tablet, Graphics tablet and Nook tablet. These tablets originated towards the 19th century as a concept of pen computing technology. But tablet PCs now refer to any tablet- sized personal computer reagrdless of the (desktop) operating system. After over a decade or so, in the development  and many cumbersome metamorphes , tablets  suddenly took the market by a storm with the success of iPad which was a product from Microsoft. It just made every electronics /computer brand bet on its own version of a tiny touchscreen powered device. Many of these reached India, some of them via simultaneous global launches. And yet, the performance has been lacklustre. The main cause to this is the price factor. Though Aakash Tablets were launched at an ultra low budget of Rs.2999, but most products start at a little over Rs 15000 and go over upto Rs45000.

We can say that we were very bullish about this category and thought it would be an addition to a business phone or laptop. But it did not fair well enough to storm the Indian Markets. This was quite evident when the Blackberry decided to fill the market with Playbooks and halved its asking price, doing away with free phones. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab also plummeted its price tags . Even to promote the selling of tabs , the tabs came bundled with special offers but after a couple of months, those offers were also taken away, and the product sold at a price which was less consistent.

However, price is just only a part of the problem. The larger issue is that brands have been unable to sell the concept of tablets to the Indian consumer. For Indian consumers, it’s like a secondary device which sits somewhere between a notebook computer and smartphone. Though people find it funky , but they are not sure what they will do with it. It’s not an alternative to either PC or smartphone and more of a consumption device than a creation device. The greater focus has been on hooking potential costumers like tech savvy early adopters and also to the people who are curious but not aware of this.

So, its really a big question to the branded manufacturers that whether the tablets can really storm the Indian market or not???

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