Easy method to register IDM trial version for free... :)

Easy method to register IDM trial version for free



Internet download manager(IDM) as we all know is a software  which makes download from internet faster while we are downloading files from the Internet. But, I have seen many of my friends complaining about this software. Also in various websites people have wanted a solution to solve their problems regarding IDM. Some complain that after installing the IDM, their system hangs most of the time and some even complain about their system being very very slow. To the utter surprise , some had to format their systems to get rid of IDM!!!

Well, let me clarify here a simple thing to my fellow readers that you just need to follow a proper and a step-by-step procedure to install the IDM software.

I am very sure , that most of you who are using IDM or who have used IDM , you guys must have tried its trial version. Am I right friends???  Yes, problem arises because of this trial version and once if we register it or use the full version of IDM, there would be no such problem… 🙂

Here, I would like to state one of the common procedures which most of us must have been doing during installation of IDM…What we do is we install the trial version of IDM (free for one month) and after installation we must be running the patch file. No doubt this method worked for me properly until it asked to update and when I  updated it, I was not able to update as it asked for registration…. 🙁 and from that point onwards I started facing problem in using IDM. So, after many hits and trials  ,I was able to find a solution to this problem. So, I thought of sharing it here. Here is the procedure how to register IDM for free and covert the trial version to full version.

  • The first thing you have to do is to download the latest version of IDM software from a trusted website and then install it.
  • Now , after successful installation of the latest version of IDM , a dialog box would appear which would ask to RESTART(reboot) your system. Two options would be there – “OK” to continue with reboot of the system and “CANCEL” to cancel the Restart of the system. Do not click “OK”. Click “CANCEL”
  • After clicking on “CANCEL” we will see the IDM’s window and some tips of IDM popping up a message “Did You Know??”. Click on “Close ” to close those tips.
  • Now , on your main screen there would be the IDM’s window. Go to Help—-> About IDM. After clicking on “About IDM”, you can see a dialog box appears which gives information about the IDM, it’s version and it also says that it is still the trial version and unregistered. Click on “OKAY” on that dialogue box.
  • The next step is to crack it. I will be defining how to crack it. Go to the location where IDM had been installed . There you can see a folder named Internet Download Manager. Open that folder. Within that folder, you can see Internet Download Manager Patch File. Click on that.
  • A dialogue box appears which asks to patch the file. Patch it by clicking on “Patch”. A message box pops saying “Cannot find the file. Search the file?”. There we have to click “Yes” to search the file manually.
  • After clicking “Yes” search the IDM.exe file. My Computer–> Local Disk C–>Program Files—> Internet Download Manager—> IDM icon(IDM.exe) and Click “Open” and IDM.exe is patched.
  • Now the patch is done successfully.
  • Next, open your IDM. Go to Help—-> About IDM  and there you can check that “Trial” has now been converted to “Full” and it is now registered.

Well, after following these steps , you guys will see that IDM now works perfectly without any flaws. Hence, you will enjoy using IDM software without the system being slow or being hanged.

Hope , this post helped all of you. Let me know, if you guys face any problem in following the above mentioned steps…

Enjoy using Internet Download Manager!!! 🙂 🙂

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