Facebook and Twitter enjoyed more by Adults than Teens!!!

Facebook and Twitter enjoyed more by Adults than Teens

A survey revealed that adult are using Facebook , Twitter and other Social Networking Sites more as compared to the teenagers. We had a common belief that Facebook, Twitter and other SNS are mostly used by the teenagers. Isn’t it??

But a recent study revealed that adults are more addicted to using SNS. They have a better time using Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking  Sites. The results also revealed that 39 per cent of SNS-using adults said they frequently see acts of generosity by other SNS users and another 36 per cent said they sometimes see others behaving generously and helpfully.When it came to unpleasant behaviour on SNS, adults have seen their share, but it tends to be evident to them far less frequently than it is to teen SNS users.Compared with teen SNS users, adults are somewhat more likely to stand back, not get involved, and ignore the offensive behaviour.

Henec it has been clearly revealed that about 85% of the adults find the users in Facebook and Twitter as kind while only 5% are unkind. In case of teenagers 69% of teenagers find Facebook and Twitter as kind and 20% are mostly unkind.

Though the survey said that teenagers have a good time overall on social networking sites , adults are enjoying them even more. 🙂 It makes them feel good about themselves as it brings them closer to another person. 🙂

Facebook is at roar. I think all of you will agree with me. Not only teenagers the adults are also getting addicted to it. What a trend!!! 🙂

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