Flexible batteries in fabrics and garments!!!

Flexible batteries in fabrics and garments

Flexible batteries in fabrics!!! Sounds really interesting right??? Lets first talk about Wearable batteries. Wearable batteries,the batteries having limited time period for use. After, that limited period , when the battery power is finished , what do we do? Ofcourse, we throw them . But now, these wearable batteries are being recycled by the scientists to charge up our gadgets… 🙂

Canadian Scientists have recently designed a flexible battery that can be woven into the fabrics. Flat, flexible battries can be connected to T-shirts which would be sporting arrays of flashing LEDs. Though they have not been built into the very stuff of a garment. Battery in garmants!!! Really sounds exciting!!! Guys, day-by-day technology is achieving new heights…Isn’t it??? It is clear from this simple example.

This new milestone has been achieved by Maksim Skorobogaty and the colleagues at the Polytechnic School of Montreal in Canada. In order to build the battery. They sandwiched a solid polyethylene oxide electrolyte between a lithium iron phosphate cathode and lithium titanate anode. Most importantly, all these are thermoplastic materials which can be stretched under mild heating. The materials look like artificial leather. After stretching, the strips of it were woven into cotton fabrics and conducive threads were used to connect these batteries in series. This configuration ultimately illuminated LEDs. A garment made of the material that could provide hundreds of  volts , can enable power to applications in gadgets in an emergency. In other words it will charge up our gadgets in emergency!!!

It is the first fully wearable, soft lithium-ion battery that uses no liquid electrolytes. The battery power can emit a powerful distress signal or even save a life by defibrillating a patient. The next step to this technology would be to make it waterproof and washable. It is beleived that bags, backpacks and medical -monitoring garments can use this technology and it would be really helpful.

Anything in the favour of the mass and the poplulation is always welcomed and will always be welcomed!!! 🙂

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