Free Aakash tabs for every Indian Student!!!

Free Aakash tabs for every Indian Student


The Aakash Tablets!!! They are again in news and this time with a more powerful impact… Yes friends!!! The utility of the Aakash tablets among the masses inspite of the heavy criticism are mainly the main reason why they always hit the headlines. 🙂

It seems that after the University Of Mumbai ordered 25,000 tablets for its students , now its turn for every Indian Student to exploit its awesome features. The Union Minister for HRD, Communications and IT, Government of India , Kapli Sibal announced that the Aakash Tablets will now be available for free to every Indian Student.

Recently, as we all know that the first generation of Aakash tablets were under modification to overcome its backlustre. Hence, they were under development by students of IIT. The improved version or we can say the successor of the first generation of Aakash tablets that is the Aakash 2 tablets will be soon launched in the market. The Aakash 2 tablets are more faster and more efficient version of the Aakash , that was earlier launched.

Today electronics is the largest and the fastest manufacturing industyr in the whole world and it is also going to grow more day-by-day. If we measure it on the scale of domestic selling , electronic driven industry has emerged as a contributor to the nation’s economy.

Thus, good news for every Indian student as the Aakash2 tablets are here again in news and now soon they will be available for free!!! Now, it will be really exciting to see that whether they will be actually available fpr free!!! It is said  that now the order for Aakash tabs is 1 lakh. The manufacturers are expecting the orders to go upto 1 million and after that the price of the Aakash 2 tabs will be coming down to 1500rupees. On one hand it would not be difficult to develop such semiconductor gadgets since we have here the chip design services available and not to mention the high quality human resources. Thus, all these are leverages to ensure that India is also capable of developing a sound and well established semiconductor manufacturing industries which would largely encourage the manufacturer of such devices and gadgets.

This is a step towards our modern India!!! 🙂

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