Golden Opportunity for the Symantec Users.......

Golden Opportunity for the Symantec Users

Symantec Corp. as we all know is a popular antivirus manufacturer company and the largest maker of security softwares for computers. Well, we all must be aware of the softwares which Symantec Corp offers to its customers. Isn’t it my fellow readers???

Well, then you all must be aware of pcAnywhere. Symantec Corp. is the maker of pcAnywhere , which is a suite of computer programs that allows a user of the pcAnywhere remote program on a  computer to connect to PC running the pcAnywhere host, if and only if both are connected to Internet or the same LAN and the password is known. But, Symantec had to stop its users from using pcAnywhere as it revealed a security breach . Thus on January 17,2012, Symantec declared not to use pcAnywhere , pending  a resolution of the problem and the creation of the new source code. It declared that its network was being hacked. A hacker named as “Yama Tough” obtained Symantec’s source code by hacking an Indian Government server. The hacker  has already released parts of the source code and has threatened to do so more. As sources say that the source code which was taken as a code from enterprise products that were between 5 and 6 years old.

So, now the good news is that Symantec Corp. said that it is now safe to use its pcAnywhere software. The company further stated that it was safe to use the current version of the product , that is, pcAnywhere 12.5 , as long as it was updated with a security patch released on January 23.

Thus, now Symantec is offering free upgrades to pcAnywhere 12.5 at no charge to all its customers, even those who were using old editions.

The theft of the source code by the hacker posed no threat as long as customers are using recent versions of Symantec’s software. Only, the users of  pcAnywhere are at slightly increased security risk.

As, we had already discussed that hacking and phishing are like  the termities who are making the internet , software programs very vulrenable to threats. Here, the question arises that why this breach in security………??? And how can it be stopped???

But, for all the Symantec users, here’s a golden chance to upgrade pcAnywhere 12.5 for free.

What would be its next step for the pending resolution of the hacking problem ? How much it will be succed in creating codes?… Will it  be able to again gain the attention of the customers and prove its rivals by maintaining its standards???

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