Google And Motorola Officially Merged!!!

Google as we all know , The Internet Search Giant is officially merged with Motorola !!! We can say they official married in this Valentine’s Week! 🙂 This merge took place in US Department Of Justice today. As we know there is a lot of competition now a days in the Wireless Market. Day-by-day we are experiencing a new and innovative gadget or latest software by the Software and the Hardware giants.

According to the US Department Of Justice this merger would not affect the competition impact that is going on in the wireless market. We know that Motorola Mobility has had a long and aggressive history of seeking to capitalize on its intellectual property and has been engaged in extended disputes with Apple, Microsoft and others. Now, Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility is unlikely to change that policy. As already said this merger would not adverserly affect the competition going on in the wireless market. Google’s acquisition of Motorola is  unlikely to give the company a dominant advantage over its rivals and that too in the  terms of holding key smartphone patents, as Motorola is a leading manufacturer of the smartphones.

Along with blessing Google and Motorola, the Department Of Justice  today also gave Microsoft, Apple and Research in Motion to go-ahead and  buy up patents formerly held by Nortel. Apple, Microsoft and other big tech companies have been suing manufacturers that create and sell devices based on Google’s Android operating system for alleged patent infringement since 2010. Apple got the ball rolling by filing a lawsuit against HTC for allegedly infringing on 20 Apple patents in March 2010 and Microsoft followed shortly after by announcing it had reached a licensing agreement with HTC where the company would pay Microsoft royalties in exchange for the right to sell Android-based devices.

As an answer to its competitors Google has taken a step forward by boosting its own patent portfolio. Now with this merge it will try to clarify its competitors that the allegations they had against it for infringement of patents !!! Let’s see now what will be the next move after this official merge!!!

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