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google-plusGoogle for quite a while trying to promote their own social network Google+, to attract new users and increase their activity. At the end of last year, the company announced that the Google+ audience of nearly 90 million people, but the activity of these users is low. The average Google+ user spends only three minutes a month on this social network.

To increase user activity, the initiative was announced Search, plus Your World . The new feature uses the Google Account to provide personalized search results, and is more effective than personalized search, announced in 2009. Function Search, Plus Your World is based on the elements of Google Social Search, including status messages and comments on social networks, especially Facebook.

As reported by The Next Web, Google plans to announce the comment system based on Google+ Blogs. Facebook has for some time offering a similar system that allows bloggers to introduce a system of comments on their sites. With this system, users can login via Facebook, then post a comment on the blog. The function is really in demand for many blogs, so that Google can greatly expand the audience for Google+.

After Search, plus Your World should now be a new step Google+ search integration with social networking ecosystem. The company announced the so-called Vanity URL for Google+. Under Vanity URL refers to a short personalized address for social networking sites that allow you to quickly get to the desired page. For example, / 123seminarsonly immediately translates to our website Facebook. This feature has long been expected from Google+, it certainly has improved the attractiveness of the platform for companies.


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