Google smartphone users beware of hacking!!!

Google smartphone users beware of hacking

Earlier we were experiencing hacking in mails , but can mobile phones be hacked . Yes, it is possible. When technology brings us good things it also brings bad things along with it. Adverse effect of advanced technology!!!

Google smartphone wallets can now easily be hacked. There is a hacking software that can easily figure out a Google wallet Personal Identification Number(PIN). As we know that PIN is the most important information anyone can crack and by cracking the PIN and with it hackers can  crack pass codes. Google is well aware of this vulrenability and to this issue it is swiftly to fix the issue.

According to Zuelo Labs researcher Joshua Robin, the Google Wallet allows only 5 invalid PIN entry attempts before locking the user out. But this software , the PIN can be revealed without even a single invalid attempt!!!

With this does Google guarantee its users about the security systems in this mobile phone??? If by just a hacking software , the phone can be hacked then it completely negates all the security of this mobile phone payment system. This is because if the hackers get the PIN , they can have access to the credit card details and the other personal information and can misuse them. With the help of the credit card details , the attackers can spend the money and credit just as if the phone is an ATM card.

Google wallet is available on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus smartphones. Hence, the security specialists warn the Google Wallet users not to “root” smartphones , and enable security features like full-disk encryption and screen locks.

Now, the main concern is the security issue in the smartphones . Because once hacked then the customers are to suffer. Well its time to be alert and adopt all the security measures.

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