Google wants to become a wireless ISP

After laying fiber-optic channels in Kansas City , Google officially became the ISP. Google Fiber project is planned to expand to other cities in the U.S., and then other countries. But the Internet giant plans include not only land lines, but also cellular networks 3G/4G. Sources WSJ reported that Google is in talks with satellite provider Dish Networks to launch a joint service of wireless data. In this case, sources say, Google will become a direct competitor to mobile operators such as AT & T and Verizon Wireless.


Dish Networks provides satellite TV service and long planned to open a chain of transmission. Soon Dish Networks must obtain a license from the authorities on a long-awaited radio frequencies – and then begin to act. company Google – only one of the potential partners with whom negotiations are under way, and not the preferred partner. Dish Networks executives said they wanted to join forces with a company that already has a mobile station and other infrastructure. But at Google have some trump cards: the backbone links across the continent, and $ 45 billion of cash in the bank (end of September). This money is more than enough for the deployment of 3G infrastructure and 4G. Exit Google cellular market will be a logical step, since Android is the world’s most popular operating system for mobile devices ( 72.4% of the world ), and the Google-owned sites – the main generator the global internet traffic . Traffic from Youtube has long exceeded the traffic P2P-networks and continues to grow rapidly. “From the point of view of Google, you need people to watch 10 hours a day Youtube on their devices, and it is hampered by a limited mobile operators,” – says Walter Pechik (Walter Piecyk), according to market analyst of wireless communications company BTIG. Recall that Google has participated in the federal auction of radio frequencies in 2008, made ​​a bid of $ 4.6 billion for the license package in the range of 698-806 MHz, but lost to Verizon and AT & T .


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