Google's Privacy Policies and terms sparks its rivals!!!

Googles Privacy Policies and terms sparks its rivals

Now-a-days whenever we open Google’s Home page i.e. at the right top corner we see a message “We are changing our privacy policies and terms. This stuff really matters.” Yes, the most discussed news is the changing of privacy policies and terms by Google.

On January 24, Google announced that on March 1, it will introduce a new mandatory privacy policy that will merge policies which currently exist across 60 of the company’s numerous web products. This also means that the company will consolidate user data attached to these products. Google claimed to be making these changes in order to create one cohesive privacy policy from the more than 70 that are currently in use.

On Thursday, the Google officials were pressed on whether the company’s new policy enables a consumer to easily and completely delete a Gmail message or a record of a search for the sensitive information , such as on a medical website. While few had to be left out “for legal and other reasons, the new policy will allow users to a simpler, and more intuitive Google experience.” So we can say “this stuff really matters”!!!

Now , this step of Google has sparked up its rivals. Its most famous rival Microsoft started a new print ad campaign titled “Putting People First” to warn the Google users against the Google’s Privacy Policies and terms , saying that the recent changes  at Google are meant to allow advertisers to better target customers.

Microsoft offered up its own Web-based alternatives, saying for instance that users of its free email services, Hotmail, don’t have to worry about the content of their emails being used to help target ads. But, is Microsoft in the right position to point fingers on Google. I don’t think so. Because , Microsoft also collects a lot of user data from its search engine Bing. It also adjusts its search results based on information it finds in users’ Facebook accounts if they are logged in.

So, only time will say how far this battle between Microsoft and Google go on…and how will Google defend its changes in privacy policies and terms against Microsoft ‘s Charges and ad-campaigns…!!!


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