How to install Windows 8 that I bought online from Microsoft.?

If you buy a version of Windows 8 from Microsoft, you will no longer available in the classic box and CD / DVD as old. You will need to download the version selected by the Assistant Upgrade Windows 8 (Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant). Once the download is complete, you will be offered the following options:

  1. Install Now
  2. Installation by creating media (DVD or USB Drive)
  3. Installation later from your desktop

If  you can not perform the installation immediately, but keep your key and installation files you downloaded for later installation. You can also use the above to install on another computer  without any problem.
Choosing the :Install by creating media” can write the installation files you just downloaded to a USB Flash Drive or export them into an ISO file which can then be written to a DVD. These two options help you to be able to install Windows 8 on another computer or to another partition / disk from the one you run your old Windows. The main purpose of this installation medium is if the computer is formatted or crashed in the future.

Buying the Windows 8 online will not provide you with your product key written in a box or on DVD. Your key will be given directly to the market via the Upgrade Assistant if you want the note for future use. In each case you will receive a confirmation email containing your receipt, your key and a link to download the installation files later if you wish.

About the Licenses

If you are using multiple computers then you need to purchase the key for all of the computer separately. Example if you have  five computers you want to upgrade, you will need to pay separately for each upgrade.  For convenience, you can buy upgrades one computer one by one, each time taking a separate key . We can proceed to upgrade installation of each of our computer with the same USB / DVD installation. But the thing is we need to use separate keys. That is USB / DVD we can share, but not the key’s… We can do the upgrade installation only if we are using Windows XP / Vista / 7 in our computer.
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There is a Upgrade offer* also available.
* “The offer is valid from 26 October 2012 to 31 January 2013 and is limited to five upgrade licenses for each client. To install the Windows 8 Pro, customers must use Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7.”

What to do my brand new laptop with Windows 7?

If you recently buy your computer loaded with Windows 7 there is an amazing offer is waiting for you. You can upgrade the Windows 7 to Windows 8 only for 15$. Get the details here Please select your location from the list of eligible countries.


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Is to possible to do a Dual Boot

If you want to install your Upgraded  Windows 8 as a dual boot then I am sorry it is not possible. You can not keep both operating system together because it is a violation of the license. The license states that the upgrade replaces the old license altogether and not keep the old license after the upgrade. Therefore, after the upgrade, we are not allowed to use the license of 7..

How to take Backups

It is necessary to take back up of all of your data on your computer. Because if something goes wrong with your Windows 8 upgrade installation then we can restore your files from the backups. We can take the backups from the Windows 7 backup system (mean pre-upgrade) . For that you need to create a Image of your system called System Image and save them to a External hard drive. Please make sure you have created a recovery media that is part of this system backup. If something goes wrong with the upgrade, we can use this back up drive and recovery drive to restore your data back.

Is there a 32bit and 64bit conflicts.

Upgrading can be done only by operating systems with the same bit with the new. Otherwise you will have to be reinstall all the  applications, files or settings.
To avoid all this problems with 32bit and 64bit, There is a simple and legitimate way to get the 64bit install, and it requires that you have access to a computer 64bit Windows (even Windows 8).
After you complete your payment, Microsoft will send you an email with the key and link to download the installation files, Just this link to open the computer with 64bit Windows and following the process you get the 64bit version of the installation files then you according to the instructions given at the beginning of the article to create a USB Flash Drive or DVD to install and use it whenever you wanted.

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