How to upload/insert Images and video in wordpress....

How to upload insert Images and video in wordpress

Well friends , most of you are the first time users of WordPress to write their blogs. Isn’t it??? I am sure many of you are the first timers!!! Just thought of adding this content to my blog by which my fellow readers will be helpful. Hope it is helpful to you friends.

Here are some few and simple steps which will help you upload or insert images to your blog and make your blog more attractive. So let’s see what is the procedure:

  • First login into your WordPress and when you are logged into the dashboard you are at your blogspot now. 🙂
  • Then in the left side we will see lots of options like Dashboard, Posts, Media, Comments, Profile and Tools. Hope you are able to follow me.
  • Now there click on Posts. Two submenus are shown that is one is All Posts and the other is Add New. Now clicking on All Posts will show the posts or the articles you have posted in your blog. But here our main concern is how to insert images into our blogs and articles. So In Posts we have to click Add new.
  • When u click Add New, a page comes with the heading Add New Post. In the first coloum we enter the title of the blog. Then we see an option there below the title which is Upload/Insert.Now in the picture you can see that i have highlighted upload/insert option. So there, click on it.
  • After clicking it, a page something like the below will appear.
  • There you can see options which i have highlighted in the picture. Drop Files here. There you have to select files(iamges or pictures) which you want to insert.
  • After selecting the file you have wait for sometime time until crunching is done. Then a scroll bar will appear and you can scroll down below on that same page. after scrolling down you can see something like this:
  • There you have to adjust the allignment. It’s better to keep the center allignment and for the size i have opted for Full Size(1024*640). Then you just click on insert into post and …’s done.
  • You can now see that your desired image has been uploaded. Easy naa!!!

Hope these steps helped you how to upload/insert images into your posts. Do tell me if you face any problem… 🙂

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