HP System Recovery in Windows

HP System Recovery in Windows

  1. Turn off the computer if it is not already off.
  2. Disconnect all connected devices and cables such as the Personal Media Drive, USB drives, printer, and fax. Remove media from drives, and remove any recently added internal hardware. Do not disconnect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord .
  3. Turn on the computer and immediately press the F11 key repeatedly , about once every second, until Recovery Manager opens.

Figure 1: Recovery Manager: Welcome to the Recovery Manager

4. Click Next .

A Microsoft System Restore screen opens.

Figure 2: Recovery Manager: Microsoft System Restore



  1. Select No, I would like to see other options , and then click Next .
  1. A System recovery screen opens.

Click Yes , and Next to continue the recovery process.

Figure 3: Recovery Manager: System recovery


  1. The Recovery Manager gives you the option of backing up your data files.

To continue recovery, select No , and then click Next .

Figure 4: Recovery Manager: Screen with backup option


  1. A recovery progress screen opens. Wait while files are restored.

Figure 5: Recovery Manager: Factory image recovery


  1. When System Recovery is complete, click Finish .

Figure 6: Recovery Manager: Recovery is complete


  1. The computer restarts and continues into Windows setup. Complete the setup screens and wait until the computer finishes the setup. Then, turn off the computer, reconnect all peripheral devices, and turn on the computer.
  2. Before using the computer, update and protect it by reinstalling any virus and security software that was installed before the System Recovery.
  3. Reinstall any software applications that were added after purchasing the computer, and replace any files that were backed up. 



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