Intel has promised that no one processor will be used

During the speech at CES 2014 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich give fue attention to the problem of conflict minerals. In particular, he said that Intel in the future would nullify its dependence in the minerals that come from war-torn regions.

speech at CES 2014 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

It is noteworthy that minerals such as coltan casseurs and tantalum are essential raw materials for the production of electronic circuits. During his speech, Mr. Krzanich paid special attention to the problem in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As you know, this country is particularly rich in minerals and such funds received from the sale of metals such as tin and tungsten, are the main source of funding for armed groups and the war, which for the past 15 years has claimed the lives of millions of people.

Brian Krzanich at the end of his speech, raised the question of how it is possible to solve this big industry problem and promised that Intel will make every effort to find ways to solve it.

In the past, Intel and other industry giants have made the first steps toward reducing reliance on conflict minerals from Central Africa. Back in 2012, the report The Enough Project, a nonprofit organization against genocide, it was said that Intel, Apple and HP have made the most tangible steps towards addressing the problem of conflict minerals.

Last year, HP even published a list of 195 plants for mining and processing of ore around the world to encourage their suppliers to stop buying raw materials from Congo and other countries in which wars are waged. Anyway, good to see that companies like Intel is still trying to solve the problem of conflict minerals.

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