Intel's answer to the ARM Tablets : Ultrabooks.

Intel answer to the ARM Tablets Ultrabooks

Till now notebooks, tablets, smartphones ruled the global market. But now “Ultrabook ” is here ready to take over the market. Ofcourse, a good news for the tech mighties!!! 🙂

At Computex 2011, Intel announced the “Ultrabook” — which is a new category of notebooks that is all ready to take over tablets and smart phones . Its a refreshment for the laptop category. Intel redefined the personal computers or in other words we can say that the personal computers are gradually entering the Ultrabook Era.

Producing small and portable computers is not a new idea. the manufacturers have been inspired by Apple’s MacBook Air. Though the initial prices of most ultrabooks are between $899 to $1,400, but the hardware manufacturers expect that the pricings will be able to become closer to the data of $699 or even lower level soon. Ultrabook also has got inspiration from Apple iPads . If we compare the Apple iPads with the traditional laptops ,they run faster and has longer battery life. The function will be between traditional laptops and tablet PCs.

According to Intel’s forecast, Ultrabook will be able to account 40% of market share of portable computers in 2012. Also as per the U.S market research firm IHS, they predicted that by 2015, Ultrabooks will occupy the global laptop shipments by 43%. Now let me list some imporatant criteria of the Ultrabook  as per Intel’s specification:

  • A minimum battery backup of 5 hours
  • Intel Core i series processor
  • Flash-based SSD storage
  • Less than 20mm thickness
  • Weight of less than 1.4kg
  • Travel-friendly yet powerful
  • Fast startup
  • Instant resume from sleep
  • Integrated anti-theft
  • Identity protection

Though there are certain drawbacks due to the slim design(as only few ports can be accomodated and there would be no option for optical drive) but still Intel made sure that performance of  Ultrabook would be constant.

We saw that towards the end of 2011, manufacturers like HP, Asus and Toshiba announced Ultrabook products for the intenational market. Intel claims that over 75 new Ultrabook designs will be launched this year. Intel is working on integrating NFC and voice control in future designs of Ultrabook depends heavily on Windows 8 and the Metro UI( tiled interface), so most of them would be hitting market around the time when Windows 8 is ready to use.

So guys, as each and everyday we are witnessing some awesome technology …’s tough to say that which new technology would be gaining popularity sooner or later!!!

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