iPad3 by Apple coming soon

iPad3 by Apple coming soon

We all know it’s been a tough time for Apple since it’s facing tough competition from its rival Samsung. Adding to its woos recently a bid had been passed in favor of Samsung rejecting Apple’s plea. Taking the full advantege of it Samsung is world wide acclaimed now. Well, it has been in news that the competition between Apple and Samsung was on the issue of iPad2 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Also Apple has been planning for a brand new iPad3 to give an answer to its tough competitor Samsung.

Apple is going to launch the iPad3 in the month of March. Rumors have been circulating for weeks about the next iPad, with many claiming that Apple’s next tablet will boast several important changes, ranging from a quad-core processor to a higher-resolution screen.This  iPad3  will have a higher-resolution screen that Apple will call a Retina display. To differentiate between the rival iPhones and tablets  Apple is going to use the iPhone’s 326 pixel per inch screen and this will enable the iPad to work well in the home theatre play as it will display full HD.

Now lets see the features which will be in the iPad3 being offered by Apple. Well here are some:

  • Resolution: approximately 2048 by1536  pixels with a screen similar to the Retina Display.
  • Processor: Apple will up the iPad’s processor to a quad-core,but  because of the power requirements Apple has settled for a faster dual-core system-on-a-chip, perhaps one designated A6 to mark improvements over 2011’s A5 that powers both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S.

It would be worth watching how Apple is going to give right answers to its rivals and how it continues to promote its brand!!!

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