Know the Malware in your Smartphone!!!

Recently, this month we had an article about the smartphones being hacked and about the spam messages in mobile. The threat is not only to the Google smartphone users but almost to all smartphone users having various OS platforms. As, we know any hacker can easily figure out a Google Wallet Personal Identification Number(PIN) just with the help of a simple hacking software.

We all know that the smartphones are very much fun to use and safe for browsing ,communication,infotainment, networking, e-commerce and banking, but with the present scenario of smartphones being hacked, we need to think about it twice that whether it is really safe. Though there are checks put on in place by the respective organisations , but still in this application-driven world are we real safe??? :-O

We can say that mobile malware has reached a new stage of maturity. Previously, we saw a number of mobile malware attacks, particularly to the Google Android smartphones.  Now lets just think , Android is growing fast and rapid as it is the most popular open source operating system. Thus, it also makes it more susceptible to accelerate malware. Now todays malware are more smarter than the smartphones!!!

Cyber attackers and cyber criminals continue to creep by finding new ways and making these platforms more vulrenableto human behaviour by making huge profits across all mobile devices and platforms. So if we look in that way no platform is devoid of it now. As mobile users download more applications then ever before ,applications themselves are becoming the “killer apps” for hackers and the most popular way to compromise devices . Thus, allowing a low-entry barrier.

Recently a new attack known as the “Fake Installers ” is the fastest growing type of malware as they trick the victims unknowingly paying for the pirated versions of popular applications that are normally free. So friends be ware before downloading any app in your smartphone. Make sure it is not a “Fake Installer” . According to a survey , it is revealed that in the year 2011, spyware and SMS Trojans comprised the vast majority of malware targeting mobile devices , at 63% and 36% respectively.As a result of this survey , The Juniper Networks Mobile Treat Centre examined more than 790,000 applications and vulnerabilities across every major mobile device OS for its report.

Securing mobile devices requires safeguarding connections from interception ,securing data transit from theft, protection against fast-propagating malware. Thus, its quite mandatory to possess such tools which would be able to manage devices and apps thus by securing the data ,username and passwords on them in case they are lost or stolen.

Thus, having gone through all the above points and analyzing the present scenario, it is mandatory for consumers and businesses to take necessary security measures while using their smartphones.

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