Microsoft's Plan B: Windows 8.1 with start button

Following the feedback on Windows 8, Microsoft is likely to work on the first major update for the new operating system – Windows 8.1,

Microsoft's Windows 8 Plan B(lue): Bring back the Start button, boot to desktop

Microsoft’s Plan B Windows 8.1 with start button

commonly known as “Blue” – to enable the direct start to the desktop (the WebStandard reported). With the start button, a further request of many users might get it.
Concrete plans

How the Microsoft observer Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet holds, there should be real concrete plans to introduce the abolished with the introduction of Windows 8 menu item again according to their source familiar with the company. Hundred percent safe implementation of both mentioned features but is not. “Until [the system] is delivered, can still change everything,” said the anonymous informant.
Not the first U-turn

Although had always maintained the part of the Redmond Group that the use of Windows 8’ll learn easy, it would not be the first time that a change is undone after numerous complaints. Last happen is with the UAC, their implementation in Windows Vista, many users was a thorn in the side. Which one came to meet with a less restrictive inclusion in Windows 7th.

Waiting for BUILD conference

Clarity about the future direction could be other leaks. With a public test is expected for June, when Microsoft’s BUILD conference increases. A bicycle kick – the elimination of the start button was pushed even during the beta testing of Windows 8 on loud protest – would not be all too surprising.

At least until the release of Windows 8.1 are those users who miss the central control since Windows 95 have to make do with third-party software. Both the paid Start8 and the open source Classic Shell provide a start button and allow the direct start to the desktop. There are also a number of other tools with similar functionalities.




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