Mozilla Firefox On for its latest versions....

Mozilla Firefox On for its latest versions

Internet!!! What has It done to all of us! It is constantly attracting more and more users towards itself. If even a single day we are not able to use the internet it seems to us like we have missed something!!! Isn’t it my fellow readers??? I think you all will definitely agree with me.

The World Wide Web…..It has connected us to the whole world. Thanks to the brower developers who have given us a platform to be connected to the world wide web. Yeah browers!!! They have helped us retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the world wide web. By just entering the URL (Uniform Resource Locater), we are able to access a web page , image, video and other piece of content. Basically, browser is an application software or program designed to enable users to access the resources on the internet.

Now talking about browsers , lets come to the discussion which we are supposed to be focussing now. Let me inform you my dear friends that , Mozilla Firefox is now On for launching the latest versions week after week and thus, offering advanced features to its users.

Six weeks after releasing Firefox 9, the Mozilla Corporation has now launched a brand new version called the Firefox 10 for OS(Operating System) like Windows, Macs , Linux machines and Android. We can say that the release is a part of Mozilla’s rapid release cycle. By, rapid release cycle here I mean Mozilla is on a roar by releasing its updated versions for the browser. With the help of this rapid release cycle, Mozilla has swiftly moved from version 4 to version 10 in a short time period of just nine months. So, now , a new version of Mozilla comes out every six months! 🙂 🙂

Now, here we are going to discuss some advanced features of Firefox 1o and what will it offer to the customers. Firefox 10 will bring a number of bug fixes with a vastly improved extension support. There will be  a forward button which hides itself until its needed. Also the APIs for the full screen web apps and multi-touch gesture support in the Android version among a host of other improvements.

So I am listing here some of the features of Firefox 10 over other versions of Firefox:

  • Firefox 10 will assume the extensions to be compatible unless specified while we know that the previous versions of  Firefox demanded extension compatibility till the developers manually updated the extensions to support the new version. Moreover, most extensions which were compatible with Firefox 4 will just work fine. The addons will also be updated in the background silently.
  • This version of Firefox is considered to be the First Extended Support Release version . Many enterprise users and IT professionals prefer the idea of rapid updates . So, it is professionally engineered to meet their growing concerns. There is a possibility that there would be drastic changes to the browser  and the addons once every 42 weeks.
  • Good news for the Android users is that this browser features will allow users to synchronize bookmarks, browsing history , password and open tabs across PCs and phones. These features are expected to be enhanced. Moreover , it will offer easier setup process to pair with Android phones , Tablets or any Firefox enabled devices without needing to be at a desktop computer.

According to ComputerWorld , Mozilla is working on a silent update feature that will update Firefox to its latest version without even the user’s knowledge. The trend in which firefox is releasing its newer versions and updates, we can clearly expect that by June, Firefox 13 could be out which would allow users to completly automate the Firefox Update.

We all know that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is safely ruling the internet statistics by placing itself at number one position in the list. Rival browser Chrome shared equal market shares with the Mozilla but ultimately Chrome knocked out Mozilla.

So, is this Mozilla’s strategy to knock out Chrome and place itself safely in the second position. Well ,only time can say this !!! Till then we have to wait and of course use the latest versions of every software which we consider is the best! 🙂 🙂

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