New cheaper smartphones by Nokia soon in the market!!! :)

Nokia which has been ruling the mobile phone market more than a decade has thought of widening its share in the smartphone market also. It is going to unveil new cheaper smartphone using Microsoft Windows Phone Software. I would rather say that Nokia plus Microsoft Windows Phone software plus cheaper smartphone —-really going to shake up the mobile market as well as the customers.

So, we can say Nokia is targeting a wider market for its new range of smartphones. Cheaper phones are the key for Nokia and Microsoft in their battle to win a larger share of the market.

We all know that Nokia launched the New Nokia Lumia which became so popular in such a short span of time. In addition to the new Lumia 610 , Nokia is also going to launch at the Mobile World Congress trade show Barcelona , the high end Lumia 900 phone , only once AT and T rolls out this phone.

Last year , it was in news that Nokia dumped its own smartphone software platforms to do a favour to Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Though this has a limited impact so far. This move by Nokia is also going to promote Microsoft’s share of the smartphone market fell to a mere 2% last quarter.

Thus, lets how this pairing up helps either of them in setting up their own position in the smartphone market which is day-by-day being swarmed by new smartphones!!!

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