New search operators in gmail

I never ran into the limits of free email space in gmail, until it  became a  work e-mail to a personal account. I can not admit that you are not working and investment reached a 10GB limit and desperately fished old emails with large attachments and unnecessary from any advertising messages and announcements.

trickier users used it specifically for dedicated services, someone to shovel the letter by hand, but this will now (and not only) new search operators …

New operators: – Size : allows you to “search for messages that are greater than a specified number of bytes.”Such as a request [size: 512000] will issue a message larger than 500 KB (1 KB = 1024 bytes). Note that MIME add the 33% overhead, so do not be surprised if you receive a message with an attachment is 400 KB when requested [size: 512000]. – Larger :, Smaller : similar Size :, but more friendly, as allow the use of quantifiers K, M for kilobytes or megabytes (suggesting that size is also able to understand and K MB).  couple of examples from the captain: [smaller: 1M] (will not be greater than 1MB), [larger: 500K] (messages, weighing more than 500KB). Talkative to provide operators larger_than : and smaller_than . – older_than , newer_than obviously filtered messages by date. Reminisce help older_than: 2y , a little more fresh news show older_than: 5m , but quite hot lead return newer_than: 1m and newer_than: 3D . – Has: userlabels , Has: nouserlabels here, too, everything is clear – by the presence of filtering tags. In this case, the system labels (inbox, spam, archive) will be displayed.  other advanced search operators can always be found at the link .


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