No START button in Microsoft Windows 8...

No START button in Microsoft Windows 8

Earlier this month , I had posted one article about the ReFS and the NTFS. This article was in regard to the launch of the Microsoft’s Windows 8 Operating System. Finally it has unveiled that Microsoft is officially going to launch a test or beta version of the Windows 8 operating system on 29th of this month. Though not much information has been revealed. the launching of the beta version of Windows 8 will be accompanied by the opening of an “”app store”. This “app store” would be stocked with mini-programs which will be promoting the next generation Operating systems.

But, the iconic START button will not be there in the latest version of Windows 8. The START button which was introduced in the Windows 95 version became the operating System’s “Launchpad”. The Start Button helped us to access the softwares, files, and also search functions. The Verge, one of the tech sites leaked screenshots of the new version and reported that the new build removed the icon. Though the functionality of START button is not completely dead.

According to the information given by the site “The Verge” the button itself might be absent , but the function can be still accessed via a”hot corner” designed to work equally well with the touch screens or computer mice.

A thumbnail like user interface will appear in desktop made providing a consisting way to access the Windows desktop and the start screen in windows 8 regardless of touch or mouse input. Let’s just have a look of the Windows 8….:)

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