Nokia Smartphone users , get ready for a brand new experience!!! :)

Nokia Smartphone users get ready for a brand new experience

Nokia, the most trusted brand , which comes into our minds when we talk about mobile phones and smartphones. As the statistics say, in India most people prefer to use the Nokia phones because they are most suited here and also they deliver high performance , quality, technology!!!

The OS in Nokia smartphones as we know was Symbian. Most of the Nokia smartphones are loaded with the Symbian OS and hence are named as Symbian smartphones…

Now, when everyone is taking a step ahead to make its place safe and secure in the global competitive market of gadgets, then how could Nokia be behind! Nokia also has finally taken a step towards this by making the Belle smartphone platform update available for a number of its previously released Symbian smartphones. The update includes a number of features  and enhancements , including widgets on Android style modification bar and offering more number of homescreens. The home screen will look something like the below image which i m posting…Just have a look at it..:)


Nokia says that the browser which comes with this update will also be an improved version by which the overall navigation can be made easier. Now, those who use Nokia E7, Nokia E6, Nokia X7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 or Nokia Oro smartphones can just their phones to their PCs and by using Nokia PC Suite software, they can update their smartphones. Though , an over-the-air update will not be available , but still within few weeks , it is going to bring up some more updates. These updates are mainly intended towards the Nokia 500 smartphones.

So, lets just wait and watch , what more is to come!!! I mean what else Nokia has to offer to its customers!!! 😉

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