Norton 360 2013 for windows 8

Comprehensive Antivirus Norton 360 – easy to control protection all-in-one for your computer and information. Windows provides security systems and personal data, local and online backup and PC optimization.
Norton 360 2013 – all functions effectively and rapidly protect Norton Internet Security, as well as automatic local and online backup tools to customize the system to optimize the computer

Program Description
Norton 360 2013 – a comprehensive solution “all-in-one.” Efficient and fast protection against malware with powerful anti-virus and proactive technologies SONAR 4. Protects against online threats and hacker attacks with two-way firewall and control programs, web protection against all types of Internet threats, including phishing, online fraud, malicious downloads , identity theft. addition to the features multi-layered security, an integrated antivirus Norton 360 2013 offers automatic online (2 GB) and local backup, tools for system configuration, allowing to increase the performance of your computer.

The main components of Norton Internet Security 2013

  • Insight Protection
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Protection SONAR
  • Smart Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • E-mail Security
  • Identity Safe
  • Protection of the Web browser
  • Protection against phishing
  • Norton Safe Web
  • Control downloads
  • The scheme of network security
  • Protection against vulnerabilities
  • Wireless Security
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Management of network reliability
  • Parental Control
  • Backup
  • Secure Online Storage
  • Disk Defragmentation
  • Clean up junk files
  • Norton Power Eraser
  • Monitoring performance

• Norton Protection System – patented 5-layers of protection to detect and remove threats faster and more efficient than other technologies.

• Behavioral Protection SONAR and constant monitoring of threats – threats ahead, detecting new and unknown malware processes by monitoring suspicious activity on your computer.

• Download Insight 2.0 – protects against harmful software, warning of malicious and unstable applications before installation.

• Norton Power Eraser – detects and eliminates difficult to remove active threats on your computer.

Network protection

• Smart Firewall – firewall blocks online threats before they get on your computer.

• Protection against vulnerabilities – Blocks the ability to use application vulnerabilities to deliver threats to your computer.

• Protect Wi-Fi networks – wireless security feature helps to determine whether a wireless Wi-Fi network is secure. The connection is secure, if applicable, strong encryption, such as WPA.

• Remote Monitoring – the function allows you to monitor the security status of other computers with Norton antivirus software on your home network.

• Network Diagram – A visual representation of the network and connected devices. At any time, any unknown devices on the network.

• Dependability management networks – management level of reliability allows you to control access between network endpoints based on the level of reliability. Intelligent firewall Norton 360 2013 set to automatically protect your computer from unauthorized access, including unauthorized access to other threats.

Web protection on the Internet

• Norton Identity Safe – password manager remembers securely and automatically enters credentials on various web sites.

• Protection of the web browser – proactively protects against online threats by checking and blocking malicious downloads in your browser, stopping threats before they harm.

• Technology phishing – Blocks phishing Web sites created by online scammers to steal your money passwords and personal data. • Norton Safe Web – proactively protects you when you visit the web site on the Internet, alerting and blocking dangerous and fake resources directly in the search results.

• Norton Safe Web for Facebook – scans your Facebook news feed for malicious links infected downloads and dangerous web sites.

• Parental Control – will have access to online tools for parental control Norton Online Family Norton 360 interface.


• Automatic backup – backs up your photos, music and other important files at a time when you are not using the computer. • Online Backup – Norton 360 allows you to upload and share photos, videos and other files, creating their online backups using zaschiennoe “cloud” storage.

Additional features

• Norton Management – “cloud” security management, allows you to correct, update, renew and install Norton 360 on the Internet with a few clicks. Control Manager integrates common place all of your products for the protection of Norton other devices, including your computer Mac, smartphone or tablet.

• System Optimization – fixes common problems with the system, frees memory, removes unnecessary files and cleans hard drives.

• Insight – increases productivity , identifying safe files and scanning only the unknown.

• Always the latest version – Norton 360 automatically receive important updates and features throughout the year. The latest versions are installed without user intervention.

• Pulse Updates – updates every 5-15 minutes protection without stopping.

• Management of Web traffic – automatically adjusts update Norton 360 when you connect to 3G networks to avoid the excess of the cost of mobile data traffic.




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