Now Dish TV Viewers can experience Tru HD+unlimited recordings

Now Dish TV Viewers can experience Tru HD Plus unlimited recordings

As we can see in the advertisements on Television “Sab par Dish Sawar Hai”. I really wonder how Dish Tv has become so popular. The concept of Dish Tv came to the market just a few years but it outnumbered the cable connections that we used to have in our homes. Now, pay just for your favourite channels and experience high quality content. I still remember , when I was a kid , we used to have only one channel that is the Doordarshan. 🙂 If the antenna was in the right position then only we could experience good quality images without any distortion. But now , the time has changed. Technology has changed everything. It is well evident by the simple example which I would describe as “The journey from antenna to Dish Tv”. Seems Funny….Right??? 😉

It is not long back when the flatscreen (LCD, LED and Plasma) televisions have started becoming popular in Indian households. With each and every day passing , science gives birth to a new technology. With the cost of new technological gadgets melting down, it won’t take long enough for television programs at 1080p resolution to be the mainstay. Dish Tv has already prepared themselves  for such an eventuality by recently launching the Dish tru HD+ which would give unlimited recording of the television programs. This servicewill not only feature television programs or movies or the other features of television in high definition content, but also it will allow unlimited recording of the Tv programs.

Now, the bell rings by the word “Unlimited”. Let’s see in which context this word has been used. Well, let me clear it, that in this version of Dish Tv Tru HD+, since the programs don’t get recorded inside the box itself, so an external USB drive / HDD will be used. Now, this essentially means that here the word “unlimited” is only limited to the capacity of the hard drives which the user is going to purchase. This “unlimited” here is limited by user’s choice. We all know this, but we are so blind to see this. We just get carried away by this word. In other words , we can just say that we are being cheated….Do you agree or not???

But still we like this concept of “unlimited” a lot because such systems have essentially helped in bringing the costs down for the set-top box. Now, the Dish Tru HD+ shall be available in the Indian market at just Rs. 2,690 only!!! This cost when compared to other set-top boxes by Tata Sky+HD are much low!!! Here , the cost is low.  So, the major concern for the manufacturers would be its performance. By just lowering the cost of a product, we cannot attract the customers towards us. At the same time , the customers demand best quality.It is a known fact that the speed of access of information in an internal disc is always faster than that on an external USB device or a hard disk. Let’s focus on the features of Tru HD+ :

  • It would be offering dual advantage of HD and DVR , where the consumer can get the picture quality of 1080p with a 16:9 picture format and 5:1 surround sound.
  • It also comes equipped with the latest MPEG-4 technology.
  • Additionally, the same set-top box is used as a DVR as well as by a “simple plug-n-play” through an external USB device.
  • It also bundles in a 4 GB pen drive.

With all these features , this will enable users to get traditional DVR like recording and playing back programs , pausing or rewinding live TV, different play-back positions , event based recording(EBR),time-based recording(TBR) and so on. Rightly said, “Sabpar dish sawar hai”. Ab toh sab par Dish hi sawar hoga!!! 🙂

Though the idea of recording is a brilliant concept but if we consider this case and see its other side then aren’t we encouraging piracy. Because, one can obviously record the program and store it in an external device and view it later on a computer. well , let’s leave this issue to the manufacturers, piracy laws and the anti-piracy departments…

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  • Subrath

    Hey All,

    Kindly understand that for the time being you cannot play the content recorded by the DVR on your computer. One more catch to this is that if you have recorded a particular content from Star Movies and tomorrow you wish to unsubscribe from Star Movies than you cannot watch the recorded content at any point of time.

    So to watch the recorded content also there is a condition apply mark.

    Check this out and if anyone gets a solution to this let me know.