Phones of 2013 With the Longest Battery Life

For the past decade, phones underwent drastic changes. First they were big, inconvenient, colorless and offered few options. After that their size was reduced and their features improved. Recently, the size started to grow bigger again and the devices got “smarter”. Now there are the so called smartphones that provide more features and options than we could  ever imagine, but… that at the expense of battery life.

Phones of 2013 With the Longest Battery Life

We bet everybody has an old phone, whose battery life lasts for a week if nothing whatsoever is done on the device. Compared to that, smartphones do worse. Wi-Fi, GPS, games, video and music players can cut down significant battery life for a short period of time. However, there are phones that still offer good battery durability and that without removing any of the features. In this article we provide for you some of the latest phones with the longest battery life. Check them out if battery is an issue for you.


Motorola Droid Maxx


This phone is in the top ten of the devices whose battery lasts long. It has a lovely, colorful and big screen and provides a number of features. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive. The battery can work 15 hours and 50 minutes. That is an astonishing battery life! Its durability has been tested on the CNET Labs. The camera of the phone is good.


Samsung Galaxy Note


The screen of Galaxy Note is quite massive, its processor is quad-core. The best thing about it is that you can enjoy the wide variety of features longer as the battery life is just perfect! It lasts about 15 hours, which places the phone second in the top 10 phones with the longest battery life.


As you may have already assumed, this device is expensive too.


LG Enact


This phone has a sliding keyboard (a physical keyboard that is very hard to see these days!) and offers an optional interface for users who are novice at working with smartphones. This device has a wide variety of features too. Its battery can work 13 hours and 54 minutes. This lists the phone third.


LG Enact has a decent price.


LG Optimus F6


This phone has a dual-core processor and 5-megapixel camera. It is reliable and offers a lot of things. The screen is very responsive and bright. LG Optimus F6 delivers 11 hours of battery life. The device is reasonably priced and is definitely a worthy buy.


Samsung Galaxy S4


Another Samsung device, this phone is among the most powerful phones. It has a good camera, a nice design and a quad-core processor. Samsung Galaxy S4 can work as a TV/DVT remote, which is simply amazing. Some of its features take time for a user to get used to. The phone has a convenient big screen and feels comfortable in hand. Its battery lasts for about 10 hours and 30 minutes.


Motorola X


Another phone of the Motorola family. This device is very functional and impressive. It has a voice command, classy design and speedy camera. There are a number of customized designs. The battery works about 10 hours and 9 minutes.


Alcatel One Touch Scribe Easy


This phone has voice memo, mp4 player, dual-core processor and a 5-megapixel camera. It offers users a lot of options and features. It has a nice design. Alcatel One Touch Scribe Easy has a 2G and a 3G network.


The battery lasts about 9 hours on 2G. If on 3G Talk time, then the device can work about 8 hours.

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