Pics still accessible after deletion of Facebook account!!!

Pics still accessible after deletion of Facebook account


Facebook, one of the most fast growing and popular Social networking Sites (SNS). Now, India is ranked second to be using Facebook. Facebook has become even more popular after it filed its IPO (Intial Public Offering) on Wednesday last week. After filing its IPO papers it sold its shares to the public for an evaluation of $100 billions.

Almost all of us must be having their individual facebook accounts. Even I do have my own facebook account. 😉 Now, we do a lot of things by logging into our accounts. Facebook offers numerous applications , games to make its active users stick to their facebook accounts. Newly , launced facebook timeline, is also gaining popularity by attracting the active users to update their profiles to the new timeline. Thus, facebook is also rolling out a steady stream of new features and capabilities , from video chats to mobile apps . These strategies are adopted by facebook to ensure users keep coming back.

But now, it may come as a rude shock to all facebook users that even after deleting our facebook account, the photos would still be available or we can say they would be still accessible. So guys, tomorrow , if you come across your photos still existing in the web world despite having deleted them personally long ago, then don’t get surprised . This is because, the photos do not disappear even after they are deleted. They can  still be accessed by anyone with a link to the images themselves!!!

Facebook admits that its system do not always delete images in a reasonable period of time. Deleted images vanish from the normal views of the site. This means if we log into facebook and look at somebody’s photo page, they would not be visible to anyone with a direct URL link to the picture. Let me explain, in a more simple way. If , for instance, a picture has been circulated by email, the image will still be there for anyone who clicks the link.

So, friends, pics are still accessible after deletion of our facebook account. According to many analysts measures should be taken to find a solution for this issue of  facebook  which does not delete images in a reasonable period of time!!! What do you think? Is it safe now to upload our pics in facebook? Let’s think…

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